As well as a composer, I am an experienced arranger (about 25 years of experience), providing well-written scores and parts for orchestras, bigbands, string and wind groups, rhythm sections, voices and more. 

Arranging gigs can be of different levels of creativity - from transcription over orchestration to practically co- or re-composing everything. I can more or less adapt to any style - and I love the challenge of working out what will enhance your specific project. In addition, I can offer connection to musicians/orchestras and studios, and direct/conduct rehearsals, performance or recording. Feel free to contact me for a talk about possibilities. 

Here are a few examples of my arrangements. See more on my composer page and bands/projects page



Kasper Bai & Nipsting

w. Budapest Art Orchestra. 


Comp/lyrics and orchestra arr. by Kasper Bai. 

Ay Say w. Aarhus Symphony Orchestra (

+ Aarhus Jazz Orchestra 5,4,4,rtm 

Comp/lyrics: Ay Say/trad.

Orchestra and Bigband arr. by Kasper Bai

Bruce Guthro w. DR Underholdnings Orkester. 2222-2210-timp.perc-str

Comp/lyrics: Bruce Guthro. Orchestra arr. by Henrik Lynbech & Kasper Bai 

Aggerbæk Orchestra

Live at Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød

comp/lyrics: Benjamin Aggerbæk

Horn + string arr by Kasper Bai


Kasper Bai

Comp/lyrics, string trio + clarinet arr., + voc, gui by Kasper Bai. 


Fynske Musikskoler

4ww, tp, 2voc, rtm, str4tet

Comp/lyrics/arr/cond. by Kasper Bai. 



Christian Vuust/Ordklang

Comp: Christian Vuust

feat. Peter Laugesen (Text)

String trio arr. by Kasper Bai

Cordelia: The Circus is Back in Town

Comp/lyrics: Stinne Henriksen.

String quartet and rhythm section arr. by Kasper Bai

Benjamin & Amalie: Gæst

comp/lyrics: Amalie Riis/Benjamin Aggerbæk

String trio arr + gui by Kasper Bai

Kasper Bai trio + bcl, 4 brass

Comp/lyrics, horn arr. by Kasper Bai. 

The Orchestra (5ww,8br,4rtm)

Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse 2016

Excerpt from "Berlin 1"

comp/arr/cond. by Kasper Bai

The Bigband (4voc,5ww,8br,5rtm)

Live at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge 2015

Excerpt from "Tit Taler Jeg"

comp/arr by Kasper Bai (on themes by Cal Nielsen). Lyrics by B.S. Ingemann. 

Cond. by Mads Pagsberg