I am a versatile composer, and have composed a lot of different music:

Jazz tunes, big band pieces, orchestral works, songs, instrumental solo pieces, chamber music, choir  

pieces, crossover music, paedagocigal pieces etc etc. 

Here are a few examples

For more of my works, check out my Soundcloud

Check also my arranger page and projects page. 


Maluba Orchestra (4ww,4br,5rtm)

"Marcology part I-III from the album "Maluba Orchestra" (2019)

comp/arr/cond + gui by Kasper Bai

The Orchestra, Klüvers Bigband, 

A.C.E., RAMA Choir+Bigband

comp/arr/cond by Kasper Bai


Cordelia: Det virker

(Voc, str4tet, rtm)

Live from Aarhus Jazz Festival 2012.

comp/lyrics/arr by Kasper Bai

Maluba Orchestra (4ww,4br,5rtm)

Live at Jazzhus Montmartre 2017


comp/arr/cond. by Kasper Bai

Norwegian Radio Orchestra (Kringkastningsorkesteret)

cond. by John Clayton

RAMA Symphony Orchestra + Bigband

cond. by Søren K Hansen

Comp/arr by Kasper Bai


Kasper Bai Kvartet: "Koblingspunktet" Demo recording 2006

comp/arr by Kasper Bai

RAMA Bigband (6ww,8br-e.vln,4rtm)

Live at Musikhuset Aarhus 2014

"Endnu en Dinosaurus"

comp/arr/cond. by Kasper Bai

Kasper Bai Orchestet

(2ww, 3br, voc, g, vln/vla, vcl, cb, dr)

Comp/arr by Kasper Bai


"De Underjordiske" for 16 electric guitars + drummer. 

Live at Musikhuset Aarhus 2015. 

Performed by students from Aarhus Musikskole/MGK

comp/arr/cond. by Kasper Bai